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Russian Language Guide

Explore numerous resources designed to help you in your language learning


How To Type


Once you've set up your computer for typing in Russian, learn how to use the keyboard here! (If you haven't, please go to the "Setting Up Your Computer" section, under the "Getting Started" tab at the top of the page.)

How do you actually use these keyboards?

The links on this page will help you learn:

  • Russian Keyboard Layouts (Standard & Phonetic)
  • Russian Fonts (Windows & Mac)
  • Phonetic Typing

For beginners, we recommend you start with the Russian (Windows) or Russian PC (Mac).

More advanced learners may want to experiment with different keyboards, or ask your Russian instructor or Russian-speaking friends for their recommendations.

Russian Keyboard Layouts

There are two kinds of Russian keyboard layouts--standard and phonetic. The standard keyboard follows the modern Russian JCUKEN layout, while the phonetic one is based on the QWERTY or YaWert keyboard.

The standard layout is what most native Russian speakers would learn, so we recommend you learn it as well.

However, some learners prefer a phonetic layout, as it matchs the Russian characters with the Roman letter that sounds most similar.

Russian Fonts

Other Typing Tools

Keyboard Skins

The LRC has keyboard "skins" with the standard layout available for three languages; Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. These skins are thin, flexible sheets of plastic with printed characters that can be placed on top of a normal keyboard when you type. The keyboard skins can be checked out for a 3 day loan, to use on your own or college computers.

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