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Japanese Language Guide

Japanese is fun!

ひらがな HIRAGANA & カタカナ KATAKANA learning tools

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             This website has lots of copy write-free images that you can use for your Japanese blog posts, presentations, etc! 

Welcome to the Japanese Language Guide

こんにちは! This guide will help you find effective resources for Japanese language learning at all levels, including:

  • Textbook Resources: video and audio for Japanese textbooks used in Mount Holyoke classes
  • Getting Started: instructions for computer, email and internet settings
  • At the LRC: Japanese language resources available at the LRC
  • At the Library: Japanese language resources available at the Library
  • On Campus: Asian Studies department information, language table, cultural events and Japanese cultural organizations in the Five Colleges
  • Online: useful websites for Japanese language learning
  • Study Strategies & Tips: general tips for improving your language learning abilitiy
  • Research Guide: resources and help with research in Asian Studies

For questions or suggestions about this guide, please contact the Language Resource Center (LRC).

Featured 5-College Japanese Events

Featured at the LRC: Japanese Graded Readers (Levels 0-5)

Come check out these fun-to-read short stories to improve your Japanese vocabulary!

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