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Arabic Language Guide

Overview - Getting Started

These pages will walk you through setting up your own computer to work in your new language.

Don't hesitate to stop by the LRC for help with any of this process.

Or, you may want to work on a college computer: all computers in public computer labs across campus have the basics for the languages taught at MHC.

Are you studying another language and find that you need additional support? Or, do you have suggestions for additional language tools that should be installed on college computers? Stop by the LRC to let us know. Your input is appreciated!

Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Setting Up Your Computer: Is your computer ready to view/type in your new language? Follow these three basic steps to set up your computer.
  • How to Type: Once your computer is set up to allow you to work in your new language, you'll need to learn how to type any special characters needed.
  • Word Processing: Word processing software like Microsoft Office can offer some useful tools for learning your language. Learn what's available and how to use it.
  • Email and Internet: Email and Internet will be important ways for you to communicate and get more practice in your new language. View some helpful tips here.
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