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Teaching Remotely During A Disruption

Asynchronous Versus Synchronous Activities

In light of this campus disruption, LITS will support both asynchronous activity via the learning management system (Moodle) and synchronous activity via videoconferencing (Zoom). For Mount Holyoke's move to fully online instruction, however, we strongly recommend asynchronous (that is, not in real time) instruction where possible. The College recommends you limit large-scale synchronous activity, such as live Zoom sessions, to courses where it is not readily feasible to deliver learning experiences asynchronously.

If you decide to hold live videoconference sessions for your class, please schedule them for the regular class time, and be mindful that students attending from other time zones may be logging on at all times of day or night, and may be experiencing various technological limitations (i.e. internet speed, access to a computer with a camera).

Facilitating Discussion

To facilitate asynchronous class discussion, adopt:

To facilitate group annotation of documents to replace class discussion, adopt: 

  • Have the class add comments to a PDF which has been placed in Google Docs

To engage in real-time class activity, consider:

Delivering Lectures

We recommend lecture content be prerecorded and delivered asynchronously.

Collecting Assignments and Sharing Feedback

MHC Accessibility Barriers Form