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Religious Studies at Mount Holyoke College

To major in religion is to ask questions about the many ways women and men have sought to make sense of their lives. Examining religious traditions—their notable leaders, their valued texts, and the social behaviors designed to embody their visions—is a central way to study the profound questions that direct so many areas of human endeavor. The study of religion is an excellent way of organizing a liberal arts education so that diverse cultures, artistic expressions, political forces, and gender assignments can be questioned and set in historical and changing contexts.

The Annunciation

‚ÄčIlluminated Manuscript Image

The Annunciation (fol. 5v) Creator(s) or Contributor(s): Nicholas (the scribe) 
Chip Yates: photographer 

Illuminated images from Armenian Gospels
Hartford Seminary Library Hartford, CT,  2003

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