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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Using one moodle site for multiple classes

If you are teaching more than one course or section with the same content, you may want to have all students use a single course site. Your liaison can set up a space, either in one of your existing courses or in a new one, where all of your students can use the same course content. This is called using a metacourse. 

The first thing to consider is whether you would like to use one of your existing course sites for your metacourse, or would like us to create a new course site as the home for this material. You may find it quicker to set up your material in an existing course site, but be aware that renaming that site, or deleting unused sites, could break the automated enrollment updates Moodle gets from the Registrar's systems. If you'd prefer to have an entirely new course site set up and named so that it is clearly the content for more than one class, the Moodle Help Team can do that for you. 
Let the Moodle Help Team know the full course numbers (for example FA2015-SPAN-101-01 and FA2015-SPAN-101-02) that you want to get enrollments from, and where you'd like to send them. Your liaison will let you know when your metacourse is set up. When you are ready to make your course sites visible to students, only make visible the one where your content is set up, and be sure to mention in class and in the syllabus which course site the students should look for. 

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