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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Using forums with groups

Like other Moodle activities, you can restrict access to a forum to a subset of students in your class by using groups. Using groups with forums expands the possibilities for how you can use the activity. You can . . .  
  • Create separate forums and restrict access to each to specific groups of students. Useful if, for example, you're using one Moodle course site for two sections of a course and wish to have completely separate forums for each section. See Assign an Activity to a Group or Grouping in Moodle.
  • Create a single forum, restricting some topics within the forum to certain groups while making other topics available to all groups. This method allows you to use one forum with multiple groups instead of creating separate forums for each group. See Moodle 3.0, 3.2: Hold Small Group Discussions (Forum)
  • Have your students keep private journals by creating groups of one for each student, then creating a forum for each student and restricting it to their group. Only the instructor and student will see the student's private journal. See Set Up Student Journals in Moodle (note: MHC's Moodle isn't configured to automatically create one person groups named for individual students in a course site, so you'll need to do that part manually).

Another extremely helpful document to consult when setting up a forum using groups is Using Groups with Moodle Forums. It offers a clear explanation of how the group setting options of "Separate Groups" vs "Visible Groups" affect the use of Moodle forums so you can choose the option that will work best for your purposes.

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