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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Removing students from a moodle course after they have dropped

New for Fall 2018: Moodle has an improved Participants list in the Navigation menu of every course, with colored labels indicating student status in a course (see screenshot below). The procedure for removing students from your Moodle site after they have dropped the course remains the same as in previous semesters.

You cannot manually remove students from your Moodle site until after they have dropped the course in my.mtholyoke. This is to ensure that students have access to course materials while they may be waiting for approval to take a course. If there are students on your waitlist who you are certain will not make it into the course, please encourage them to drop the course in my.mtholyoke. Please also advise them to do this if they will not take the course and would like to stop getting announcements and notifications from your course site.

Once students have dropped in my.mtholyoke, they will appear on the Participants list in the Navigation menu with both an orange Dropped box and an "X" at the end of their entry, and without any assigned role. They will no longer receive Quickmail, forum notifications, or announcements from your Moodle site. You do not need to remove them from your list of Participants, but if you would prefer to, here is how to remove them. 

1. In the Navigation panel on the left of your Moodle site, click on "Participants. 

2. Find a student who has dropped and confirm that they now have an X in their row under the "Status" column.

3. Click the X for a student to remove them from the site

Please contact us for assistance if you have a large roster and would like help removing all the waitlist students. 

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