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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Printing your Course Page (as Syllabus)

Using the Print function from your web browser, your Moodle course page will print just as easily as any web page!
If you use your Moodle course page as essentially a syllabus, one easy option for saving a permanent record of your organization of topics and materials is to print a copy of the course page, or save a PDF copy.   This will also preserve any text you had written directly in the course sections.
As an additional - optional - step to get a cleaner, more readable document, it is advisable to first hide or dock the "blocks" from the right and left columns as described below.    
picture indicating  blocks on course page
Hiding the blocks is a simple click: 
  1. Look for the small < arrow icon in each block, as illustrated here, and click to dock that block.

    picture of docking icon

  2. Repeat for each block.
  3. You're ready to print.
The print function will also have the option of saving the file as a PDF (an option on the screen where you choose the printer) so you can have a digital record.
One note:  If you have some specially-added blocks for your course, you might also make a print of the messier version - without docking first - so that you have a record of those as well.

When done printing, you can restore the blocks easily:
You can restore (unhide or undock) all of your blocks at once by clicking on the ">" open arrow at the bottom of the list of blocks: 
Or, individual blocks can be undocked by clicking on the block name in the left margin and then on the >, open arrow, for the individual block.


Here are short videos of both processes:

Docking or hiding Moodle side blocks:


Restoring the blocks to your course page, individually or all at once:

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