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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Highlights of new features

LITS has been busy over the summer with the usual updates and refreshing of our Moodle learning management system.  We moved to Moodle 3.4 as of June 2018, and while it is not drastically different, it comes with some new features we think you’ll find useful.  

Here are a few highlights:  

1- Enhanced Participants list   

Teachers can now enroll, search, filter and edit or delete learners from a new single Participants and Enrollments screen.   You no longer need to go to the separate Users page for enrollments but can make any changes right from the Participants roster and each student’s enrollment status is displayed clearly with new labels.

2- New course management tools

We’ve added a new course format called ‘collapsed topics’ which allows you to collapse and expand individual sections as you like, thus avoiding long scrolling down a course page.  There is also new capacity for creating activities and restricting whether they show up for students - ‘stealth activities’ - along with clear labels on the course page for hidden items (labels are only visible to Instructors).

3- Assignment tool improvements

When setting up assignments, you can now specify which file types you want to allow students to submit by choosing from a handy listing.  There are also improvements on the grading screen to make commenting clearer and you can set a  “Remind me to grade by” date which will show in the calendar and in your course overview block.

4- Improved Dashboard

The Moodle Dashboard page has a new Course Overview section.  Courses are arranged into current (in progress), past, and future tabs and students can also see a list of upcoming deadlines, like Assignment due dates.

5- Media enhancements

You can now add audio or video clips to your Moodle course with a simple drag & drop, just like for documents.  Moodle will give you the option to display in the course page (embed) or make it a downloadable file.   We have also added a “plug-in” to connect Moodle to a great new interactive media tool called H5P in which you can create all kinds of interactive content and access through your Moodle course.

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