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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Glossary of gradebook terms

Aggregation: Aggregation is the mathematical formula by which Moodle will calculate grades.  There are several aggregation options: Natural, Sum of Grades, Simple Weighted Mean, Weighted Mean of Grades. 

Natural:  The sum of all grade values. Scale grades are ignored. This is the only type that does not convert the grades to percentages internally. The Maximum grade of associated category item is calculated automatically as a sum of maximums from all aggregated items. We recommend using this method and only this method as it makes the Gradebook interface the easiest to use.  *NOTE  – this  is exactly the same as simple weighted mean of grades with the exception that sum of grades will not show a grade based on what has been completed.

Sum of Grades: This calculation is the most basic aggregation method that we recommend for those with a straightforward rubric where you plan to simply calculate the points towards the final grade.

Simple Weighted Mean: This calculation is Moodle’s default method for aggregation. Generally, it works similarly to the Sum of Grades calculation, however, it also allows instructors to create some more advanced calculations.

Weighted Mean of Grades: This is the most complex calculation. While it offers the greatest flexibility, it also requires instructors to weight each graded item or category. These weights will be used to determine the final grade. While these weights can be fractions or whole numbers, instructors should choose only one.

Grade type: 
In almost all cases, choose Value for Grade type.
The 3 grade type options are:

Value - A numerical value with a maximum and minimum
Scale - The scale available through Moodle is based on a particular theory (Separate and Connected ways of knowing) and is appropriate for courses built around this particular approach
Text - Feedback only (cannot be aggregated into the course grade)

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