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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Faculty basics - access & rosters

Basics on Moodle course creation & course rosters:

Course shells are created for your courses about a week after the registration period for the upcoming semester -- roughly late November and late April.  They are created as hidden from students so that you can organize your materials as you want them before allowing students to view.

The rosters for your courses are created and updated automatically by a data feed from my.mtholyoke which runs several times per day.  In most cases, you will not need to do anything to maintain your rosters in your Moodle courses, but you do have control to make changes and allow access as described below:

Accessibility Checklist

Making your course visible to students

Adding students to your courses

Adding TAs, auditors, instructors, or liaisons to your courses

Removing students from a moodle course after they have dropped

Five College Users


Guest access (non-MHC or Five College)

NOTE: Moodle access is not course registration

Editing your Profile and changing your name

PaGE Instructors

Access to old courses

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