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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Download Instructor Files

The option to Download Instructor Files is a handy way for an instructor to wrap up all the materials (files/documents) you have put into a course in one quick batch for easy storage and re-use. This option will produce a folder with a set of all of the distinct files you have uploaded to your course - pdfs, word docs, powerpoints, video clips, images, etc. Note that it only includes files uploaded by an instructor, and does not include student uploaded content such as forum posts, wiki pages, assignment submissions, etc. Nor will it include material that is actually linked to, such as streaming video or external websites.
Instructions for Download Instructor Files: 

1. Go to the front page of your Moodle course. 

2. Click on the Gear Icon (to the right of the course title), and choose "Download Instructor Files." 

3. Wait for Moodle to compile your files and offer a download in ZIP format. This may take a while if you have a course with many materials. 

4. Your web browser will either automatically open your zip file folder or prompt you to save it.    The files are in a compressed format to save space and can be stored/saved, as is, by moving the whole folder into your Google Drive or wherever you'd like to store it.   

5. If you want to open and work with the files, you would want to "extract" the files first (a simple click of the extract option).   Note: If you need help with zip files, check with the Help Desk

6. Optional:   You may also want to click "Backup" from the gear menu available on the front page of your course, and download a full course backup for safekeeping.  Note, though, that you will not be able to read the backup file without first restoring it in another Moodle course as it is a Moodle-specific format.   More info on Backup and Restore.

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