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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Choosing a File Already on the Moodle Server

  1. Go to your course in Moodle and click the [Turn editing on] icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

  2. Click the Add an activity or resource option under the week or course section that the file belongs. This will open a new window.

  3. On the “Add an activity or resource” pop-up window (and under the “Resources” section), select the File option and then click [Add].

  4. On the “Adding a new File” page, type a name for the resource or document in the Name field and add a description if you choose. The file’s name will appear directly on your course page.

  5. In the Content section click the [Add...] button. Add a new file

  6. On the “File picker” pop-up window that appears, select [Moodle Server Files (my courses)]. Moodle server files

  7. Use the folder directory to navigate to where your file exists (for example, in a previously-offered course).

  8. Select the file you want. (You will have to navigate to the file’s “Files” folder, then its “Files and subfolders” folder, then the file itself.)

  9. Click the [Select this file] button.

  10. Back in the “Adding a New File” page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click [Save and Return to Course].

Save and return to course button

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