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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Be Aware: Moodle access is not course registration

Advice from the Registrar's Office for those intending to take a course for credit:  
You need to be registered for the course in my.mtholyoke! (not just in Moodle)
All students intending to take a course for credit must be registered for the course by the Add deadline for Mount Holyoke students.  This is typically 2 weeks after the first day of classes for the semester.  (Five-College students follow their home school's deadline.)  
If you are in a Moodle course site but not listed as registered in your my.mtholyoke schedule, here's what you should do:
 Login to my.mtholyoke and from the Self-Service Menu select Course Registration & Bill Payment, then Search for Classes.
 If its status is "Closed" or "Waitlisted", select Registration from the Self-Service Menu for Students and select Manage Waitlist to confirm first whether you are officially on the course’s waitlist. 
 If not,  use Search and Register for Classes to try to register for the course.  If it’s full, change the action to “Waitlist” to add yourself to the waitlist for the course.
If you are on the official waitlist, ask your instructor to use the faculty “Waitlists” function in my.mtholyoke Self-Service to give permission for the Registrar’s staff to try to register you.  Please make sure that you do not have any registration holds and that the course will fit into your schedule (no time conflicts with other courses, few enough other credits so that you can take this without exceeding your credit limit), or the Registrar will be blocked from registering you!  Read your email at least daily so that you will receive notifications from my.mtholyoke and the Registrar’s Office.
  • If the course is "Open" and the "PER-I" column says "No", then register yourself for the class through my.mtholyoke Self-Service in the usual way.
  • If the course is "Open" and the "PER-I" column says "Yes", then see if your instructor has entered a course permission for you by checking the Approvals, holds, and Registration Access Times display in my.mtholyoke Self-Service.  
    • If yes, register yourself for the course.
    • If not, contact your instructor to get a permission entered and then register yourself.
If you are not yet registered for this course because you have a registration hold blocking registration, then you MUST contact the holding office now.  Often holds can be lifted temporarily or permanently once you talk with the holding office.
Note: it is your responsibility to ensure you are registered by the Add deadline.  If you have followed the instructions above and still aren’t registered on the last day of the Add period, come to the Registrar’s Office so we can help you figure out how to resolve this issue.
=> 5-COLLEGE STUDENTS  from Amherst, Hampshire, Smith or UMass:
-    Check now with your home registrar to make sure they have your registration request and the required permission from the instructor of this course.
-    If you confirm that you are listed in your home school's records as registered in this course.
If you have questions about your registration status or how to resolve any registration issue, please contact your home school's Registrar's Office.  Thank you.
=> OTHERS   approved to enroll for credit but who don't have access to my.mtholyoke for registration (local high school students, MHC staff, etc.):
-    Contact the Registrar's Office for assistance
=> Auditing a class? Here are the Registrar's instructions for auditors

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