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Moodle Quick Help Guide

Assignment Submission Notifications

There are two main settings related to email notifications about the submission of assignments (although related settings elsewhere can sometimes have an effect).  
These options can be found in the Assignment Settings page.

To make a change in settings:
Go to your course page and either:
  • turn editing on for the course, then choose "edit settings" from the drop down next to the Assignment
  • click on the specific Assignment and then click on Edit Settings in the Assignment Administration block on the left
With the Assignment Settings page open, scroll down to the Notifications option and click to expand that section and change settings Yes/No as desired.
assignment notifications section
Note that there are other settings for submissions that can affect what notifications are sent in more subtle ways. See Controlling When To Notify Students Of Graded Work for more details.
Also note that an individual student's preferences for receiving email notifications can not currently be changed, so they can not opt out of receiving notifications if faculty choose to have them sent.  

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