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Jewish Studies

Suggested Reference Books

Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edition. 22 vols. Comprehensive scholarly reference work on Jewish history, religion, symbolism, culture, and biography. Available in print and electronically.

Religion and Religious Texts

Encyclopedia of Judaism. 3 vols. 1999. 

The New Encyclopedia of Judaism.  2002. 

Encyclopedia of Religion. 15 vols. 2005.

Tanakh = The Holy Scriptures : the new JPS translation according to the traditional Hebrew text. 1985.

The Babylonian Talmud ... Translated into English. 18 vols. 1961 

History, politics, and culture 

Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture. 2005. 

Who’s Who in Jewish History. 2002. 

Dictionary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 2005. 

Historical Dictionary of Zionism. 2000. 

Historical Dictionary of Palestine. 1997

American Jewish Yearbook. 2007 

Columbia history of Jews and Judaism in America. 2008. 

Jewish Women in America: an historical encyclopedia. 1998.


Twentieth-century American-Jewish fiction writers. 1984.

Jewish writers of the twentieth century. 2003.

Jewish American women writers : a bio-bibliographical and critical sourcebook. 1994.

Modern Jewish Women Writers in America. 2007.


Columbia guide to the Holocaust. 2000. 

Holocaust Encyclopedia. 2001. 

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. 1990. 

Encyclopedia of Jewish Life before and During the Holocaust. 2001.

Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. 1991.

Holocaust Literature: an encyclopedia of writers and their works. 2003.

Historical Atlas of the Holocaust. 1996.

Holocaust Encyclopedia from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Macmillan Bible Atlas. 1993. G2230 A2 1993 Reference-Atlas Case

Routledge Atlas of Jewish History, 6th ed., 2003. Over 100 maps outlining Jewish migration and history from c. 2000 B.C.E. to the twenty-first century.
G1030 G46 2003 (Stacks)

Atlas of the Middle East. 2008. G2205 N34 2008 Ref 

Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem. 1990. G2239 J4 B34 1990 Ref


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