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English 349: Cosmopolitanism

Their lives

Biographical reference works for a brief overview

Book-length biographies

Use the Five Colleges Library Catalog to do a "Subject keywords" search on the person's name and the term biography.  For example:

biography search

Note: this search will find autobiographies as well, but you can also find those by doing an Author search on a person's name.

Interviews and profiles

For more recent individuals who are less famous or have yet to make it into reference works or other books, newspapers and magazines are a possible source of information.  Some news databases even allow you to limit your search to interviews and biographical information.

For even more news databases, see the News Sources research guide.

Their work


Do an author search on the individual's name in:

Articles or short stories

Do an author search on the individual's name in article databases such as these:

See the News Sources research guide for additional databases covering news sources and magazines.


Identifying other writers

Looking for writers beyond the syllabus who qualify as transnational or cosmopolitan in the themes they explore?  Try a Five College Library Catalog "Subject begins with" search on the terms

transnationalism in literature


cosmopolitanism in literature

to find books that discuss writers in these areas.

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