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Creative Writing


Sometimes ideas for writing projects find you, but when they don't here are some sources that may help provide inspiration.

Prompt generator

The news

The news is a good source for getting exposure to information about all kinds of topics. A sampling of news resources:

  • LITS' News Sources Research Guide - includes news databases as well as selected US, International, and Historic news publication titles.
  • News apps - Install a news app on your smartphone for quick access to constantly updating news stories. Here are a couple of reviews of news apps - with free options - from techradar and Digital Trends.
  • wwiTV - Directory of television news channels web sites (many offer video content live or recorded online).  Use the Countries menu to target channels in a specific geographic area.

Diaries and memoirs

Life stories are another potential source of ideas.  Some collections available at MHC:


Pictures can evoke stories. Plenty of images are freely available on the Internet, but a few of our library image databases that also provide a bit of background information about the pictures they contain are as follows:


Songs often tell stories and music can evoke mood (plus sometimes it's just fun to have some background music when you're writing!).  Some music sources:
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