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ENGL 214PD: Perception and Deception in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Online tools


Books can also be a good source of images. A few strategies for searching the catalog in a way that will help you target books containing images on your topic:

  • If you're researching a particular artist or photographer, do an author search on that person's name. Tip: think of the catalog's "Author" search as really a "Creator" search. It can be used to find works of all kinds (books, films, audio recordings, sheet music, etc.) by creators of all kinds (writers, directors, photographers, painters, musicians, etc.).
  • If you don't have a particular artist in mind, do a search on terms that describe your topic (e.g., medieval women) and the terms "pictorial works," "exhibition catalogs," "photobooks," or "illustrations."


If you found an image in a print source and need to digitize it for use in a PowerPoint Presentation or Word document, you'll find computer workstations with scanners in the Library's Information Commons and Dwight Hall MEWS Teaching Area.  If you need assistance, stop by the Technology Help Desk in the Information Commons or visit the MEWS Teaching Area during staffed hours.

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