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FYSEM-110LD: A Landscape of One's Own

Locate full text from the title, author and date information

  1. Search for your article in Discover (if you don't find it there, try Google Scholar)
  2. Use the MHLinks button to locate the full text.

Locate article full text from within a database


Clicking the MHLinks button for an article will help you locate the full text.

  • available online: click direct link
  • availble in print: follow link to search catalog, click "call numbers and availability for years available.  Periodicals are on library level 2 1/2. 
  • not available at MHC: click "request via Illiad" to have it delivered electronically

Request Books From Another Five College Library

   Click on request item in the catalog to have an item sent from another Five College Library to MHC.  You will get an email when it arrives, you can pick it up at the MHC circulation desk, and return it there when you are done.

Request books from outside the 5 Colleges

From Wordcat or the library databases, click the "MH Links" text or  MH Links button  then select "Request document via Illiad".

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