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ENGL 301 Reporting Lab: Holyoke, MA

Borrow audio recording and camera equipment

Need a digital audio recorder, still camera, or video camera?  You can borrow these and other equipment (microphones, tripods, etc.) from LITS' Media Services using the Media Equipment Reservation Form. Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance of when the equipment is needed, and all loans are for a 3 day period.

Multimedia Editing

Recorded an interview, captured some video or still images and now you need to edit them? LITS can help!

Software availability
  • Adobe Photoshop (image editing) and Audacity (audio editing) are installed on all campus-owned computers, PC and Mac
  • iMovie (video editing) and Garageband (audio editing) are installed on all campus-owned Macs
Software tutorials and in-person help
  • is a library of video tutorials offering training in how to use all kinds of software, including those mentioned above. Free to all current MHC community members. Click on "Sign in," "Sign in with your with your organization portal," and follow the on screen instructions to log in using your MHC username and password.
  • MEWS News is a blog maintained by LITS' Video Consultants. It contains a number of tutorials for using multimedia editing software. You can also visit the Dwight Halls MEWS Mediated Teaching Area for in-person help. Again, see the blog for consultant drop-in hours and to make an appointment.
  • Peer2Peer workshops are offered in Photoshop by LITS student workers.
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