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ENGL 301 Reporting Lab: Holyoke, MA


Looking for books about the City of Holyoke but not Mount Holyoke or Mount Holyoke College?  A tip for narrowing your search to just the city is to do a search on the term holyoke while using NOT to exclude the phrase "mount holyoke." For example, in the Five Colleges Library Catalog you could do an advanced search like the following:  

 Catalog Advanced Search on holyoke NOT "mount holyoke"

You can further narrow your search to a particular topic related to the city by adding additional search terms like "history," "economy" "immigration," etc.

To broaden your search a bit by geographic area, you might also try searching on the terms "Hampden County,"  "Pioneer Valley," or "Western Massachusetts."

Finding articles, suggest discover, history databases.


Looking for articles about Holyoke?  These databases are a good place to begin. To focus your searching on the city of Holyoke, use the search terms

Holyoke Massachusetts


Holyoke Mass

and add any additional search terms that describe your topic, like immigration, industrialization, class, etc.

Historic Newspapers

Historic newspaper articles can offer insight into the past: what was important to people in a community, how they viewed events at the time they happened, how they lived, how certain subjects or issues developed over time. These are a few historic Holyoke and vicinity newspapers in the library's collection.

Current News

Looking for information about current events in Holyoke and the surrounding area? The news is a good place to start. Some current newspapers and news web sites:

Local Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Local museums, libraries, and archives with collections pertaining to Holyoke's past. Note: check each institution's hours and visitor information for details about when they are open and any special guidelines for using their collections before you visit.

Historic Maps

Historic maps can be helpful for visualizing a place at a particular time.

Current Maps

Local Government Directories

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