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English 349: Cosmopolitanism

Reference works



How to find more

The list above is just a sampling.  You can find additional reference sources on a specific country by doing a Subject keywords search in the MHC Library Catalog on any one of these terms -

encyclopedias, dictionaries

- and the name of the country you are researching.


See the News Sources research guide for the library's many subscription news databases.  See the U.S. and International tabs for news databases covering current and more recent events.  See the Historic tab for news sources with coverage going, in some cases, back as far as the 18th century.




To find books of maps, use the Five College Library Catalog to do a subject keywords search on the term
and terms describing the geographic area in which you are interested, for example
    eastern europe
Note: For best results, sometimes you may find you need to broaden your search from a specific geographic place (like Bosnia and Herzegovina) to the larger geographic are that contains it (like Eastern Europe).

A couple of examples in MHC's collection:

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