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ENGL 217BF: British and Irish Fiction 1900-1949


Found a good article or book on your topic? A useful way to find more information that's relevant to your research is to check its works cited or references list.  Another strategy for discovering additional relevant information - and seeing where the scholarly conversation on your topic has gone since the article or book you first found was published - is to find out if any other scholars have cited it. What follows are some tips on tracking down citations in either direction. For more information about scholarly literature (what it is and how to target it in your searching) see the English Research Guide's Scholarly Conversation page

Tracking down citations in an article or book

Browse through an article's, book's (or book chapter's) references or works cited list. If you see any references that look like they are also about your research topic, search for them in Discover.

Finding other works that cite an article or book

Search for your article or book in Google Scholar. For some results, Google Scholar will show a Cited By link that, when clicked on, will take you to a list of other articles and/or books that cite the one you just searched.

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