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ENGL 217BF: British and Irish Fiction 1900-1949

Reference Works

Need to familiarize yourself with a new topic quickly? Reference works can provide a helpful overview. There are even subject-specific reference works that can help you gain a basic understanding of a field of study that's new to you, providing information about key concepts and figures, and even bibliographies for further reading.






Historical Context

Finding more reference works

There are a couple of ways to find more reference works in the library collection:

  • Do an Advanced search in the Five College Library Catalog on terms that describe your topic (e.g., music) and the terms encyclopedias or dictionaries or handbooks.Catalog advanced search screen
  • In the Five College Catalog, restrict your search to just Mount Holyoke, click into the Advanced search form, enter the terms for your topic (e.g., history science) and use the Location drop down menu to select MH Reference:
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