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ENGL 217BF: British and Irish Fiction 1900-1949

Search tips

A few tips for doing interdisciplinary research:

  • If you're familiar with one of the disciplinary areas your research encompasses (for example, literature) but not another (for example, music or art), reference works are helpful for getting basic background information about the new-to-you topic. Armed with this background information, you can ask better, more informed questions as you continue investigating the topic. 
  • When searching the library catalog or article databases, use a combination of keywords describing the author or work of literature you're researching (for example, James Joyce or Dubliners) and keywords describing the other discipline (for example, music, art, painting, etc.)
  • Make use of interdisciplinary databases that allow you to search for information in publications across multiple disciplines.
  • Try searching on your literary topic (for example, James Joyce or the title of one of his works) in the subject-specific database of another discipline. For instance, in an art or music article database.
  • If you can't find a book on a specific author or literary work and music or art, try broadening your search. For example, there are whole books on the topics of music in literature, music and literature, art in literature, art and literature (these are actual subject headings in the library catalog).
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