Student access:  In order to comply with copyright law, LITS will turn off student access to Moodle course sites a few weeks after the completed semester's grades are due. Students are welcome to download copies of any materials they would like to keep before that date. Instructors will still be able to access all of their course sites, but some student data will be hidden. Instructors, please let us know if you would like help downloading copies of student data. Faculty should contact the Moodle Help Team for assistance if:
  • they have a student who has an extension and requires continued access to complete coursework.
  • they are teaching a 2-semester course where students will continue to need access to the first semester's materials.
Faculty access:  Course sites are retained on Moodle for 3 prior years plus the current academic year as per the Long Term Course Retention Policy.
Please let the Moodle Help Team know if you have any questions about these practices.