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FYSEM 110MW: Mapping the World/Mind/Self

Books vs articles

Books and articles can provide you with more in depth information about your topic.  Book-length works may be broader in scope, while articles tend to focus more narrowly on a specific aspect of a topic. Aside from being shorter and more focused, articles are also a good source for the most up-to-date information as they are published more frequently than books.

Finding books

Finding articles

Locating print books & periodicals

See Floor map and stack locations for a Stacks directory listing which book call numbers are found on each floor and Floor maps.

The library's current print popular periodicals may be found just off the reading room on library level 4. Back issues of print popular periodical titles as well as current and back issues of scholarly periodical titles may be found on library level 2 1/2. All periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title. 

Reading Call Numbers

  • N - describes the subject area: read in alphabetical order
  • 66 -  describes the topic: read as a whole number
  • B634- describes the author's last name: read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal
  • 1999  - date of publication: read in chronological order

Example of call number order:

N66 .B634 1999
NA 9 .A34 2005
NA 20 .G4 2001
NA 100.G411.2001
NA 100 .G47 2008

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