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Spanish Language Guide

Language Q&A - Spanish

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Visit the Language Resource Center in the Ciruti Center for Languages to get answers to your language questions. Your Spanish mentor for Spring 2018 is Francesca Dell'Acqua. You can also stop by just to chat!

Spring 2018

  • Mondays 7:00 - 8:00 PM (Room 6A)
  • Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30 PM (Room 6D)

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Student Workshops

Check out the LRC Calendar of Events to learn more about upcoming Student Workshops.

LRC Overview


The Language Resource Center in Ciruti Center for Languages is a friendly, accessible and diverse space to engage in language learning, no matter if you are taking a class at MHC, in the five colleges or learning just for fun. Make sure to check this great place out!

While relaxing or studying in the LRC Lounge, check out the bookshelves of leisure reading materials. Magazines, novels, children's books and more are available in a range of more than 12 languages. You can also consult the reference bookshelf, for a variety of dictionaries, grammar books and other resources. There are newspapers from various countries available.

In the LRC Lab you will find dual-boot computers and special equipment to facilitate your language learning process. This means that the computers can boot up as Mac and as Windows! A consultant is always there at the desk to help you with any concerns or suggestions. Some of them may know the language you want to learn and can help you further!

The LRC also makes available a range of software for language study, hosts events such as student workshops and Language Q&A sessions.

For more information, check out the LRC website. For questions or suggestions, send an email to .

LRC Software - Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone  uses images, text and sound to teach vocabulary, grammatical terms and proununciation the way you learn your first language. It's recommended for beginning learners. Rosetta Stone is installed and available to use on any of the computers in the LRC. 

Do you like Rosetta Stone? For more information, and instructions on how to sign up click here.

LRC Software - Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an online language learning system that uses animated flashcards and lots of audio to improve your language. Recommended for beginning and intermediate learners and for basic conversational skills.

How do you like Mango languages? For more information, and instructions on how to sign up click here.

Books on Reserve

Books on reserve in the LRC or the main library may usually be checked out for 3 hours at a time.  For electronic reserves, see your course in Moodle.

Search by:


* Course numbers take the format of FREN-101. The same materials are sometimes intended to be on reserve for multiple courses; if you can't find the item under your course, trying searching with only the department designator (e.g., FREN to search for all reserve items for all French courses or FREN-3 to search for all reserve items in 300-level French courses) in case the item might be listed under another course.

** Department names take the format of "French" or "Asian Studies."

Featured Leisure Material - Spanish

Featured Reference Material - Spanish

Featured Equipment - Pocket Video Camera

Check out a pocket video camera from the LRC to record yourself practicing your new language!

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