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POLIT/AFCNA 234 Black Metropolis: From MLK to Obama: Finding Demographic Data

Tips For Working/Writing With Numbers

Statistics Every Writer Should Know: A brief guide to basic statistics by author and journalist Robert Niles.

Statistical Terms Used In Research Studies: A Primer For Media: From Journalist's Resource, based at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. A brief guide to "the methods and concepts that underpin academic studies" that can help you "judge the merits of a particular piece of research. 

Math For Journalists: Links to resources about writing with numbers. From the Society of Professional Journalist's Journalist's Toolbox blog.

Chicago Specific Resources

City of Chicago: website for the city of Chicago including history of Chicago, facts and statistics, governmental resources, and information on programs and initiatives throughout the city.

City of Chicago Data Portal "...hosts over 600 datasets presented in easy-to-use formats about City departments, services, facilities and performance." 

Rob Paral and Associates: Google spreadsheet that offers demographic data broken down by community areas from 1930-2017. Includes data on race, ethnicity, home ownership, education, poverty, and income. 

Chicago Health Atlas: "The Chicago Health Atlas maps over 22,500 health and human services, businesses, and other resources. You can use this data about community assets to see how services are distributed across the City."

Housing Fact Sheets For Every Community Area In Chicago (Affordable Housing Fact Book-2000 and 2010 census) includes data regarding changes in population, reduced income, and increased housing costs that threaten the housing security of thousands of Chicagoans.

Chicago Public School System School LocatorIncludes school progress reports, student demographic and socioeconomic data, truancy rates, and various other data about each school within the Chicago Pubic School district. 

National Census Data Resources

Statistical Atlas: provides in-depth statistical data and analysis for the United States based from the US Census Bureau based on the 2010 census and from the American Community Survey (2012-2016). 

Statistical Abstract of the United States: a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States. Updated annually.

Mapping the 2010 US Census: visual representations of census data.

Mapping America-Every City Block: visually browse local data from the American Community Survey (2005-2009).

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book: contains basic demographic and economic information at the state and metropolitan area level.

American FactFinder: census and survey data by city. 

United States Census Bureau: the US Census Bureau website provides many useful publications, charts, etc. 

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